Events 2024

We are excited to be able to offer various different events throughout 2024 suitable for all abilities of rider.

Our current confirmed date for 2024 include:

  • 16th February - In-hand Show (suitable for all abilities) Our in-hand show is an exciting opportunity to get some experience in what its like to compete in the horsey world. This is a non-ridden show so is suitable for all levels of riders, there will be chances to win rosettes and a chance to learn what its like to get your pony ready for a show including grooming, cleaning and plaiting!
  • 3rd April - Pony Agility Show (suitable for all abilities) The agility show will run in 3 phases: Phase 1: Ridden on a Hack, Phase 2: Ridden in the school, Phase 3: In-hand in the paddock. Each phase will take roughly 10 minutes to complete and the children will be scored on different tasks, the different tasks will show how much control the children have of their pony. Scores will be added up throughout the day and all the children will receive a rosette with their placing at their next lesson. This show will be judging practical tasks with the ponies, the connection the children have with the ponies to reassure them and encourage them through obstacles and test the children's riding skills.
  • 25th May - Dressage Show (suitable for all abilities) Our dressage is always very popular and great for children to work towards. The competition will be split into 2 classes for on lead rein and off lead rein riders. The lessons leading up to the event will be used to practise the test and work through a work book learning the Dressage Test. The dressage event will be suitable for all level of rider but will be judged in separate classes.
  • 28th July - Ridden Show 'suitable for all off lead rein riders' ‘Showing’ is a ridden discipline that displays the horse and rider in a class against other riders. We will be running the show during a 3 hour session that riders can learn about how to groom and prepare their pony ready for a real show, the classes will be held after with a rosette for all riders. There will also be a championship class for 1 winning rider to be crowned the champion of the Pony Palace Ridden Show. This event is only suitable for riders that are off lead rein during their lessons.
  • Date TBC - Gymkhana The most fun event of them all! We will be offering gymkhanas throughout the year at various dates. The session is for 3 hours, includes 1 hour of grooming/getting the ponies dressed up and ready to ride, 1 hour of gymkhana games and races in our indoor arena, a treasure hunt around the whole of Pony Palace and finished off with a prize giving with rosettes for all riders! This is suitable for ages 4-12 and all abilities (new riders will on lead rein for the riding)