Summer Holidays 2023

The Summer Holiday 2023 is almost here and it’s time to get booked up with all your favourite activities. All bookings can be made here where you can create an account and add a rider to see all our available bookings. Here are some activities we will be offering over the summer from Tuesdays-Sundays.



  • GYMKHANA- The most fun event of them all! We will be offering gymkhanas on 3rd, 10th and 31st The session is for 3 hours, includes 1 hour of grooming/getting the ponies dressed up and ready to ride, 1 hour of gymkhana games and races in our indoor arena, a treasure hunt around the whole of Pony Palace and finished off with a prize giving with rosettes for all riders! This is suitable for ages 4-12 and all abilities (new riders will on lead rein for the riding). £40 for 3 hours. 

  • RIDDEN SHOW- Suitable for all off lead rein riders, we will be doing our first ridden show! ‘Showing’ is a ridden discipline that display's the horse and rider in a class against other riders. We will be running the show during a 3 hour session that riders can learn about how to groom and prepare their pony ready for a real show, the classes will be held after with a rosette for all riders. There will also be a championship class for 1 winning rider to be crowned the champion of the Pony Palace Ridden Show. This event is only suitable for riders that are off lead rein during their lessons. Our ridden show will be held on Thursday 17th August from 10am-1pm. £40 for 3 hours. 

  • DRESSAGE- Our dressage is always very popular and great for children to work towards. The competition will be split into 2 classes for on lead rein and off lead rein riders. The dressage event will take place on Saturday 2nd September and lesson leading up to the event will be used to practise the test and work through a work book learning the Dressage Test. £25 per slot. 

Lessons - 

Our half an hour lessons are perfect for children looking to improve their riding skills and knowledge. Our lessons are held in our under-cover arena meaning we can go ahead whatever the weather. Our safe and friendly ponies are great for starting riders off and teaching them the basics of riding, children will start off lessons on the lead rein until they are confident and in control to progress to riding on their own. As our lessons are only for a maximum of 2 riders, each rider will have much more instruction and attention compared to with a larger group.

Our lessons are suitable for ages 4-12 and we offer sessions every day apart from Mondays. £28 per lesson. 

Pony Club- 

Pony Club is a 3 hours session held on various days throughout the summer holiday, this is a stable management session aimed at learning horse care and stagble management including grooming, feeding, leading, mucking out, tacking up and much more! This session also includes a pony ride out down the lane, pony club is a drop off activity so children will need to feel confident enough to be left.

Pony club sessions are suitable for ages 4-12 and we offer this every Tuesday and Wednesday from 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm. £35 for 3 hours. 

Hacks out-

Hacks out are perfect for beginner riders, this will be a relaxed walk down the lane riding the pony for 30 minutes. This activity is suitable for ages 2-12 and is a perfect taster to see if the child enjoys riding. Hacks out are £28 for 30 minutes and can also use the ‘token’ system online to block book. 


We will be offering parties every weekend over the summer holidays at 11am and 2pm. Our various pricing and party packages can be found here