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Pony Palace

Pony Palace Stage 1 Progress Book

Pony Palace Stage 1 Progress Book

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Our brand new 40 page, A4 progress book will help children track their progress through each session, with an easy to use 'traffic light system' to track confidence and ability on a wide range of exercises including horse care and riding, this is done by collecting stamps through each level. 

Each exercise is explained thoroughly in this book to allow the child's learning to continue at home. To complete different sections of this book the child will be helped by a member of staff during the sessions booked to work towards confidently managing to do each task. Also included in this book is a section based on activities that can be completed at home.

We recommend this progress book to anyone coming regularly to lessons and pony club, this will help the child to gain knowledge of different activities and notice each achievement through the stamps they collect throughout the book. 

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